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Google+ 3D Printing Community – I just discovered this group, which seems to be pretty active. Will say more about this group once I learn more.

MP Select Mini Printer Related

MP Select Mini Resources and Links [ MP Select Mini Wiki ] – A great collection of links to the best MP Select Mini resources. This should have most, if not all, the best links for this printer. Most links posted on my page will be references there.

MP Select Mini Printer Owners Group [ Facebook ] – Very active community of MP Select Mini users. A great place to ask questions and get help too.

MP Select Mini Printer Owners Group [ Reddit ] – Similar to Facebook group, but not very active at the moment. May be more useful later, but not right now.

MP Select Mini Wiki – Collection of MP Select Mini printer info in WIKI format. Great place to find information and get more links.

MP Select Mini File and Document Share [ Google Drive ] – Shared Google Drive folder with a collection of the most useful files related to MP Select Mini. Includes firmware, manuals, slicer configuration files, and much more.


Filament Comparison Guide

Visual Print Quality Troubleshoot Guide